Residence Hall Carpets

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5x7 Plush Throw Rug


5 x 7 Shag Area Rug


All Purpose 4x6 Carpet


All Purpose 5x7 Carpet


Splash Striped Area Rug


New Weave Waterfall Area Rug


Boho Trefoil Area Rug


Carmela Solid Area Rug


Carmela Pattern Area Rug


Boho Area Rug


Melrose Trefoil Area Rug


Splash Watercolor Area Rug


Trina Turk Melody Chevron Area Rug


Trina Turk Tanja Area Rug


Trina Turk Tanja Cube Area Rug


Nova Multicolor Area Rug


Nova Diamond Area Rug


Trina Turk Tanja Diamond Area Rug


Riviera Gray Area Rug


Riviera Area Rug


Nicole Miller Kenmare Geometric Area Rug


Nova Area Rug


Nicole Miller Patio Country Geometric Area Rug


Serena Trellis Area Rug


Serena Modern Area Rug


Residence Hall Carpets

Westfield State University | Adding your own personal touch to a dorm room can make all the difference. If you aren't worried about color coordination and just want a carpet that matches every color, look no further than our residence hall carpets! These standard size carpets range from 4x6, 5x7, and 6x9 so rest assured we have a size that will fit your room. Give your dorm that last personal touch with a residence hall carpet from OCM!