Limited Time Take $25 Off orders of $90 or more! Use Code: FALL25

Limited Time Take $25 Off orders of $90 or more! Use Code: FALL25

Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier with Aromatherapy



Convenient Aromatherapy Humidifier Hybrid - Not just for adding moisture to the air, this Comfort Zone Aromatherapy Humidifier has a built-in diffuser that allows you to enhance its soothing cool mist with the essential oil of your choice. This makes it great for creating a relaxing ambiance and helping to relieve symptoms of dry skin and nasal congestion.    Whisper Quiet Operation - The humidifier's ultrasonic design ensures that it operates whisper quiet. This makes it convenient to use even while you're on the phone, in meetings, while you're studying, and even when you're trying to drift off to sleep.  Customized Cool Mist Output - The humidifier with aromatherapy tray has a convenient knob at the front that allows you to precisely adjust the mist intensity to meet the specific needs of your space. The swiveling outlet at the top can be rotated 360 degrees to ensure that it is aimed to the area of the room where it is needed most. Auto Shut-Off Function - An auto shut-off function immediately switches the aromatherapy air humidifier off once the water tank is empty. This helps to keep it safe to run overnight or while your not in the room.  Practical Portable Design - The unit features a sleek and compact design that is easy to move from one location to another. It can be placed on a counter, tabletop or simply on the floor, so you can enjoy relief from dry air wherever you need it most.  Size: W 1" / D 1" / H 1". Color: Black. Material: Plastic. By World and Main

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