Luci Solar String Lights



The first of its kind, Luci Solar String Lights are multi-use solar lights—with a mobile charger—ready for your backyard or the backcountry. Like all MPOWERD products, Solar String Lights harness the power of the sun. Solar String Lights feature two USB ports, one port to give your mobile device an extra boost of energy just when you need it and another port for when your Solar String Lights are in need of a quick charge, they can be plugged into a traditional outlet. Boasting 10 LED nodes with dual directional LEDs in each node (20 total LEDs), Luci Solar String Lights help to create a warm, ambient light expanding across or around any space of your choosing. The enveloping light given off by Solar String Lights pairs well with our other Luci lights that have a localized brightness. At 18 feet long, the nylon-braided cord includes two uniquely-designed clips to make it easy to hang in any situation. Featuring a compartment to keep the string organized and accessible, the body of the charging unit is durable and weather resistant (rated IPX4). Easily opened by twisting the top and bottom by a quarter-turn, this base unit twist and click motion is seamless and intuitive. The unit can be closed with the entire string rolled inside or with the string fully or partially extended, customizing the length of the light to the application. To offer quick navigation lighting when needed, there is a single LED light on the base unit which turns on before the entire string of lights. With the buttons seamlessly integrated into the unit, smooth cord handling, and logos subtly printed, every aspect of the product design and functionality have been carefully considered. Patent Pending Battery: 3.7V 2000 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery (5V PCB) Full charge time: 6-8 hours via USB; 16 hours via sunlight Solar Panel: High-efficiency solar panel Four light modes to choose from:  Front LED String LEDs on low, up to 20 hours (15 lumens) String LEDs on medium, up to 10 hours (50 lumens) String LEDs on high, up to 5 hours (100 lumens)

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