Martex Purity Twin XL White Mattress Pad powered by SILVERbac



Treat yourself to comfort and refreshing sleep with the Martex Purity Basic Bedding Mattress Pad. Its dreamsoft EcoPure fill is made with 95% recycled polyester and 5% virgin polyester, so it's comfortable and earth-friendly. The pad has a channel stitch detail on the top and two-way stretch side walls, so it's guaranteed to fit your mattress, (fits mattresses up to 16 inches for Twin Sizes and 18 inches for all other sizes.) This mattress pad is equipped with SILVERbac technology, a process that integrates silver into the polyester thread to keep your bed free of odors for the life of the product.Today, SILVERbac incases silver into polyester fabric during the manufacturing process to ensure continuous protection from unpleasant odors. SILVERbac keeps you and your family safe, and doesn't impact the softness of the product.

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