Study Jolt

Gift options available!

Gift options available!


Everyone needs a study jolt once in a while to help keep them on track and motivated. Of course we all know the best kind of study jolt is one shaped like a box and STUFFED with delicious treats that every college student loves! With an endless assortment of both student and parent approved favorite munchies, this Study Jolt Care Package is the perfect selection for study time. With enough sweets to keep them alert and happy, this package is the ultimate deal! This Care Package includes Nutella Hazelnut Spread®, Tic Tac (4pc pillow pack), Act II Microwave Popcorn, Act II Kettlecorn Microwave Popcorn, Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, Teddy Grahams – Cinnamon, Chips Ahoy Cookies, Mike and Ike Candy, M and M® Milk Chocolate Candies, M and M® Peanut Candies, Big League Chew – singles, Skittles fun size, Chex Mix – traditional, Bugles Nacho Cheese, two ripe red apples, two tangy Granny Smith apples, two oranges, Skippy Peanut Butter Tube, Nutella® Hazelnut Spread, Rice Krispies Treat – Mini, Fun Size Swedish Fish, Mini Nilla Wafers, Lance Toasty Peanut Butter Crackers, Quaker Chewy Granola Bar – Maple Brown Sugar, Quaker Instant Oatmeal - Brown Sugar, Hershey's Mini Kit Kat Bar, Airheads - Green Apple, Tootsie Pop, Veggie Chips, a Nature Valley Granola Bar and more! Sent directly to campus!    Personalize your greeting card: Add a special message (50-75 words) at check out.   We cannot ship this product to the following states: AZ, CA

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