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Scare Package

Gift options available!

Gift options available!


Double, Double, Toil & Trouble – Scare your student with this spooky selection of savory and sweet delights.  No late-night haunting would be complete without a Halloween themed care package.  You will be the greatest ghoul (or parent) when this exclusive OCM Halloween scare box shows up for your student.     This box includes:  Swiss Miss Cocoa w/Marshmallows, Act II Microwave Popcorn, Fritos Corn Chips, Doritos Nacho Cheese, Cheez-its, Oreo Cookies, Pretzel Bag, Airheads, Goldfish Crackers, Nestle Crunch Fun Size, Hershey’s Mini Kit Kat Bar, M&M’s Milk Chocolate Fun Size, M&M’s Peanut Fun Size, Snicker’s Candy Bar, Twix Candy Bar, Mike & Ike Theater Box, Candy Corn Bag, Halloween Mask, Sugar Skull Halloween Sticker, and Halloween PEZ. Product subject to change depending on availability.   Halloween packages will begin to ship on October 15th.   Personalize your own greeting card.  Add a special message (50-75 words) at checkout.

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