Ivomax Power Bank with Wireless Charging In and Out



The power bank with wireless charging in and out means you can finally not be burdened with packing additional cables when you're on the go. Your wireless charging enabled phone can be placed on top to charge, and when you need to recharge the power bank, you can just place it on another wireless charger (not included) to charge the power bank. A USB port on the side of the power bank allows you to charge a second phone or a tablet. 10,000 mAh battery capacity gives you ample power, whether you are topping off your phone's battery or charging it from low capacity.  The power bank's built in LED light system allows you to see easily what type of device is charging, and how much battery the power bank has before needing recharged.  The power bank also automatically senses optimal charging level by phone and adjusts to charge your device correctly. Made in China.

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