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Fall Finals Survival Package

$37.00+ Free Shipping
Gift options available!

Gift options available!


Never fear, the snacks are here! From savory to sweet, this inspired box is filled with delicious, must-have snacks that easily fuel them through those late-night study sessions.    They Get: plenty of study snacks, perfect for helping them power through the day or night, delivered right to their door just in time for fall finals. This box is timed perfectly too. We partner with the schools to deliver based on the school calendar.    You Get: a delicious way to let them know they’ve got this. They provide the brain power and you’ll still provide the snacks!    Personalize your greeting card: Create at 50-75 word message at check out.   Product subject to change depending on availability.   • Fall Finals Survival Package includes         Act II Microwave Popcorn Brown Sugar Pop Tarts Ritz Bits Cheese Sandwich Crackers Chips Ahoy Cookies Herr’s Sea Salt Popped Chips Popcorners Sea Salt (2) Oreo Cookies Chex Mix Traditional Rice Krispie Treats Mini (2) Real Deal Veggie Chips Fini Fizzy Tornado Mr Nature Sweet and Salty Trail Mix M and M Milk Chocolate Candy (2) Skittle Fun Size (2)  Airheads Minis (2) Twizzlers (5)

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