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Energy Kit and Stress Buster

Gift options available!

Gift options available!


Do away with your student’s stress during Final Exams with a Care Package from home full of brain-boosting treats! College students love enjoyable snacks that they can munch on while studying. Make your student’s day and help them stay on track and motivated with one of our largest Care Packages built to please.    The Energy Kit includes Act II Microwave Popcorn, Cheez Its, Teddy Grahams – Cinnamon, Chips Ahoy Cookies, M and M Milk Chocolate Candies, Skittles fun size, Chex Mix – traditional, Twizzlers, Popcorners - Kettle Corn, Real Deal Veggie Chips, and more! Product subject to availability. Sent directly to campus!   The Stress Buster includes Neon Squeeze Stretch Ball, Mosaic Bead Ball, Emoji Stress Ball, Brain Teaser Puzzle, Fidget Cube, Mini Magic Puzzle Cube, Fidget Spinner, and Drawstring Sack! Product subject to availability. Sent directly to campus!   Personalize your greeting card: Add a special message (50-75 words) at check out.

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