Back To The Future Graduation Cap Tassel Topper



A Tassel Topper is the ultimate form of self expression and is the professional way to decorate your graduation cap. We print your design on a durable sheet of plastic that fits directly on top of your graduation cap with the help of our adhesives. The Tassel Topper won't damage your grad cap in any way and is a sure way to stand out in the crowd at your graduation ceremony. They leave room for the turning of the tassel part of the ceremony and they can be removed or reattached as many times as needed. They also last forever as the perfect graduation keepsake that can framed or displayed.   Measures 8.5" by 8.5" (fits all standard graduation caps), Made of Durable Plastic Won't damage grad cap, Waterproof, Safe to Toss Doesn't interfere with the turning of the tassel Please consult with your school in case of a policy against Grad Cap Decoration Cap not included

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