8 Piece Bath Bundle - Black Tote-Gray Towels-Gray Bathrobe

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Why You Need This

This college bath bundle is your dorm shower solution. This set includes everything you need. Keep all your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toiletries neat and organized in your own portable mesh tote. The mesh allows for water to drain right through, and cleans easily. It's generously sized with lots of pockets to make storing all your shower stuff neat and easy. The 8-Piece Robe/Towel Set gives you 100% cotton towels to cover all of your dorm bath and shower needs and a bath robe. This bundle ships FREE, and is Guaranteed 'til Graduation.    Includes: 1 mesh shower tote 2 bath towels  2 hand towels 2 wash cloths 1 Bath Robe