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Can’t wait for the release of Disney’s Into the Woods this Christmas? This up and coming winter flick is already nominated for three Golden Globes and is sure to be an end of the year hit. With the movie’s magical theme and intriguing wooded sets, the movie offers ample interior design inspiration to help you redo your college dorm room. For the ultimate Into the Woods themed dorm room, use these magical design and decor tips to revamp your college abode when you get back to school in the spring.

Sleeping Beauty

An starting step to creating an Into the Woods dorm room is through your college bedding. Replacing your normal bedding and covers with natural or woodsy designs helps to complete the look you’re going for. Consider forest green Twin XL sheets or a comforter with a leafy print to give your bedding an Into the Woods makeover.

Get Artsy with Wood Work

coconut wood photo frameOne way to incorporate Into the Woods designs directly into your dorm room is with your favorite movie quotes. Displaying memorable movie quotes on your walls or desktop areas shows your love for your favorite movies. Rather than displaying them in classy frames or painted onto a canvas, channel your Into the Woods creativity and think outside the box. Paint some memorable quotes on a square of wooden boards to give it an authentic appearance. Or if you’re not feeling particularly handy, pick up a wooden poster or picture frame!


Get Organized with Tree Jewelry Holders

il_570xN.249931995Another great way to give your dorm room an Into the Woods appearance is with charming jewelry tree holders. These thematic and useful jewelry holders are a great way to keep your room organized while incorporating the design elements of one of your favorite movies. These jewelry tree organizers are available in a variety of sizes and styles.


Get in the Zone with Tree Stump Candles

f941d0f8ebc11941f10f191f4d7f4f0fA beautiful way to transform your room into an Into the Woods paradise is with tree stump candles. By placing a tea light candle in a hollowed out log, you can create awe-inspiring tree candles. Be sure to check with your RA to see if candles are allowed in the dorm room before you go out and create these decorative accents. If candles are not permitted in your building, you can use battery powered tea lights as a safe alternative.

Get your Green on with Plants

A great way to create a woodsy environment in your dorm room is by decorating with various greenery. Drape strands of ivy around mirrors or windows. Consider adding plants to your dorm room, positioned by windows to allow proper sunlight. Having plants and greenery throughout your dorm room will give it a delightful Into the Woods look.

While anticipating the release of Disney’s Into the Woods, take some time to be inspired by the films gorgeous set and themes. By using these tips and your own creativity, you can create a magical dorm room filled with movie inspired decor and designs. Have a favorite Into the Woods dorm decoration idea? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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