Bath Rugs and Mats for Humboldt State University Students

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a hot shower only to be greeted by a freezing cold tile floor. Prevent slips and falls (and cold toes) with a bath rug or mat that grips to the tile and warms your Humboldt State University student’s feet as they step out of the tub or shower. College dorm bathrooms are notorious for lots of movement throughout the day. OCM’s assortment of bath rugs and mats for college dorm bathrooms soak up extra water on the floor and prevent slips or injuries due to standing water. Choose from a variety of styles including fasting drying or super-soft, fuzzy rugs. For inside the shower, our selections of bath mats come in a pebble texture – providing even more protection against slips and falls. And as if choosing a bath rug and shower mat wasn’t hard enough, OCM offers different sizes, colors, and prints – ensuring your Humboldt State University student will find the perfect bath rug and mat that fits their unique personality!