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Graduates work hard for their college diploma. The years of late-night studying, fun with close friends and academic triumph should be celebrated forever with one-of-a-kind hardwood university diploma frame from OCM. Whether you want to match your graduate's school colors with a traditional dark wood mount diploma frame or commemorate the big day with one that displays the graduation tassel, OCM makes it extremely easy to find the perfect college diploma display.
We understand that no two degrees are the same size, so at OCM we customize our college diploma frames to fit the dimensions and style of your graduate's school. This means no framing hassles to deal with, and no tools are necessary for the hanging. Easily shop OCM for the correct college diploma frame by using the search bar above and typing in your school name. Choose from different designs - we have traditional university diploma frames or alternatives with an additional horizontal insert, perfect for putting in a picture of graduation day!
A university diploma frame is the best college graduation gift to ask for, and there is nothing that can make Mom and Dad more proud then to be able to show off their children's accomplishments! You can even order matching university diploma frames on OCM with your best friends from college to solidify your unforgettable journey together. Preserve your prized possession and hang up your success for everyone to see with OCM college graduation diploma frames!