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Lights around the christmas tree

Christmas Decorations for Your Dorm Room

Seasons greetings! The holidays are almost here, and we are so excited! And sure, we’ve got our minds on vacay, but we’re also dreaming of all the fun ways we celebrate. One of our favorites is decorating. That’s right -- just because you live in a tiny dorm room doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit. Here are 8 ideas to make your dorm room festive and bright. Twinkling … [Read More]

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A college student studying during finals week

The Best Places on Campus to Study for Finals

Ugh. We can’t believe we are saying this, but the countdown to finals is ON. Overwhelmed? So are we. That’s why we are hunkering down and studying early this year. To make sure we’re prepared, we’ve selected the best places on campus to study for finals. Use … [Read More]

Shopping mall during the holiday season

Black Friday Deals for Students to Look Out For

Fall break is here, and we are thrilled for some rest, relaxation, turkey time, and shopping! Black Friday isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re personally stoked for scoring some major deals. With the holidays on our mind and a budget to keep, we’ve got our … [Read More]

How to Plan the Ultimate Friendsgiving Event

Pre-Party Planning your space is crucial to hosting a successful event. Make sure that you have enough seats for everyone around a large table. Creating an event page allows everyone to RSVP quickly and easily. A list with who is responsible for … [Read More]