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How to Frame College Posters For a Mature Look

Now that you’re all settled into your college dorm room, have gotten comfortable with your twin XL bedding and got to know your roommates and their styles a little more, you can really start to perfect your dorm decor. One way to let your room reflect your style and your personal taste is with posters. Movie posters, band posters, posters with puppies, go crazy! You’ve got … [Read More]

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Celebrity Inspired Winter Weather Fashion

Brrrrrrr, it’s getting cold outside. You know what that means-- time to pack away all the shorts and bikinis. (Moment of silence for the flip flops.) We do what we must to stay warm in these cold months. Inside, it means adding another extra-long comforter to … [Read More]


Tips for How to Meet “The Parents”

With Thanksgiving, and the rest of the holiday season fast approaching, you may be planning to spend the holidays with your significant other. However, this also means you get to finally take that next step in your relationship and meet your boyfriend or … [Read More]


How to Make a Disney Themed Dorm Room

It doesn’t matter how old you are, Disney love is a forever thing. When trying to decide how you want to decorate your dorm room, why not throw some of your favorite Disney classics into the mix? When you were young, you may have been able to play up your … [Read More]