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Dorm Room Closet Storage Options

Finding ways to maximize the use of your living quarters’ limited space can prove to be quite a challenging. It may become all too tempting to simply stack random goods on top of one another, which can ultimately lead to ugly messes. Luckily, there are plenty of dorm essentials that will help you to stay organized and take full advantage of areas. The closet is a prime example … [Read More]

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Jobless after Graduation? What Now?

Graduation season is upon us. Similar to countless other students across the country, it's now time to leave college behind and enter the workforce. But what happens when your dream career is not waiting for you at the end of the graduation stage? Don’t … [Read More]


Summer DIY Decor Ideas to Bring to College

Who needs shopping trips for room décor when creating your own stylish, functional pieces are all the rage? With so much time left for projects big and small, summer is the perfect time to tackle some fun and fabulous do-it-yourself crafts. You can even bring … [Read More]


Best Paying Hourly Jobs for College Students

Whether you are getting a head start on your student loan repayments or you just need a regular paycheck to pad your budget, finding a job while in school is necessary for some. However, it isn’t as easy as it looks; college students may have unstable hourly … [Read More]