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The Perfect Dorm Decor for Your Astrological Sign

The Perfect Dorm Decor for Your Astrological Sign

  We love reading our horoscopes every day. It’s a ton of fun to see how they line up with what really happens. And while they may not be totally accurate, we think our zodiac signs truly line up with our personality. So why shouldn’t our style do the same? Design your dorm with astrology in mind. These tips will get you started in finding the perfect dorm décor for … [Read More]

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How To Not Get Sick During College

Needing a tissue, coughing your brains out or excessively using cough drops? ATTENTION ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS!! To anyone out there who is constantly coughing, sneezing and think you're getting some sort of plague, take these helpful tips so you won't get sick … [Read More]

5 Slumber Party Ideas for a Girls Night In

5 Slumber Party Ideas for a Girl’s Night In

Teens aren’t the only ones who should be allowed to have slumber parties. That’s why living in student housing is perfect for throwing the best sleepovers ever! If you’re ready to break out the pajamas and girl talk, here are five pajama party ideas that will … [Read More]