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KrafftIT Student Spotlight

KrafftIT’s Inhale App Helps You Mitigate the Effects of Air Pollution

Knowing that air pollution is an increasing environmental concern is to understand that air quality directly correlates to quality of life. This is just what KrafftIT co-founder Fredrik Krafft discovered one day when he was on a run in downtown Los Angeles. Krafft felt the debilitating effects that air pollution had on his workout, and aimed to find a solution. We spoke with … [Read More]

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Gap Year

The Pros and Cons of Taking a Gap Year Before College

When word broke that U.S. President Obama’s oldest daughter Malia was heading off to college, the world went nuts. But it wasn’t just because she was following her dad’s footsteps and going to Harvard. It was because she announced she would be taking a gap … [Read More]

Tomato sauce

Homemade Tomato Sauce (& Dishes You Can Use it in!)

Eating and cooking healthy foods means starting with whole-food recipes. However, making everything from scratch can be time consuming and even difficult. Luckily, one must-have pantry item is both simple and customizable. Knowing how to make your own tomato … [Read More]

Getting through work week

Summer Adventures: Getting Through the Work Week

One of the greatest things about college schedules is that with the Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday setup, weeks tend to absolutely fly by. However, that doesn’t tend to be the case on your summer work schedule. Whether your summer job is just … [Read More]