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Dorm Room Decor for Art Majors

Art and art history majors can be some of the most colorful, introspective students on campus and that translates to their dorm décor. To really get that art major vibe in your dorm room, it’s about paying homage to the greats and embracing color and design. It all starts with your bedding Bedding can be anything you want, but keeping it colorful may truly show off your … [Read More]

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How to Keep Good Relationships with Professors

Keeping a relationship strong with a great professor can be hugely beneficial through the rest of your college life and after.  You might find past professors can help you connect with potential jobs, write recommendations for you for grad school or be a … [Read More]


How to Make Your Dorm Into a Prime Study Spot

The secret to a great study space is often make it a quiet one. That may seem hard to pull off if you have roommates (especially in a dorm room), but with a little effort you’ll be on your way to acing every exam for 100 level classes and beyond. Give … [Read More]