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How to Handle Homesickness at College

Your dorm room is unpacked, your classes have started, and you’re surrounded with new friends and classmates. But you can’t get one thing off of your mind: home. Homesickness can happen to anyone, and if you’re feeling it, you’re not alone. But don’t fear: you can handle homesickness by following these seven steps. 1.   Keep Yourself Occupied The start of a new academic … [Read More]

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Learn How to Order Coffee Like A Boss!

How many of you drink coffee? How often do you step into a coffee shop to get your caffeine fix? As college students, we all tend to fall on the short side of sleep (and wake up on the wrong side too). Fortunately, we have the almighty coffee bean to get us … [Read More]


Benefits of Living on an Urban College Campus

If you love fashion, art, shopping, and exploring, an urban college campus may be the one for you. With so much to see and do, the bustling streets of a city will satisfy your craving for exploration! Even though there will be tons of fun, there is also the … [Read More]