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Where to Look for Scholarships

Financing a college education can be daunting—particularly after your freshman year when funding from your university becomes much more difficult. Unsure of where to begin looking for extra assistance? Here are five recommended places to find scholarships for students. 1.   School Departments Once you are enrolled, your best source of scholarships is your intended major's … [Read More]

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Make a DIY Cork Board for Your Dorm

The bland tans and browns of cork boards can be particularly uninspiring. If you're not interested in purchasing a decorative pin board, then read on and learn how to make your own! Creating a stylish, yet functional cork board is easy with a little creativity … [Read More]


How to Clean a Dorm Rug

Unlike in your parent’s living room, a dorm rug is stepped on, eaten on, and studied on. When an item like this is used so frequently, it runs the risk of being ruined by things like spills, stains, dirt and grime. However, cleaning a dorm room rug doesn't … [Read More]


Dorm Room Decor for the Minimalist

Living in a cramped or crowded dorm room can feel claustrophobic at times-- especially with all the clothing, gear, and school supplies. That is why many dorm dwellers are embracing minimalism. Minimalism is an artistic and lifestyle movement that believes in … [Read More]