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4 Ways to Decorate the Dorm Room With String Lights

Your dorm room probably feels more like a cave than a bedroom. But by adding some lighting touches, you can totally transform the look. String lights are an affordable, customizable, lighting option loved by almost every college student. Instead of stringing along your room’s edges, try one of five create string lighting ideas. 1.   Create a Photo Display Don’t just hang … [Read More]

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Fall Lipstick Review: The Red Lip Edition

The weather is cooling, hot coffee is becoming standard, and bolder lipsticks are coming out! Welcome to fall, everybody. Today I'm recapping the fall red lip colors I happen to own and reveal each tube's pro and con. 1. MAC: Russian Red This lipstick … [Read More]


Best Boot Styles for Fall 2015

The boot is a must-have accessory for your closet this fall. When temperatures begin to fall, collegiates everywhere love reaching into their closest for their favorite footwear. Paired with jeans, tights, and leggings, you're hardly out of options when it … [Read More]


6 Best DIY Gifts for Distant BFFs

Having a friend on the other side of the country, or even the world, is never easy to deal with. But you can stick together and celebrate your relationship with fun and fabulous DIY gifts. Perfect for any budget, here are six gifts that even the anti-crafter … [Read More]