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Five Fun Summer Party Drinks

Imagine this: you’re lounging poolside with your bathing suit on, friends all around, and sunglasses on your face. What’s missing? A delicious summer drink, of course! Forget the cold weather drinks. Warm, sunny weather provides the perfect excuse to experiment with new punches, smoothies, and juices. So fire up the blender, toss in some ice, and get out your garnishes—these … [Read More]

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What to Buy Ahead of Time for Freshman Year of College

Once you have your school acceptance letter, you probably are thinking, “Where do I go from here?” With your freshman year right around the corner, it’s time to go shopping! Your post-high school summer vacation is the perfect excuse to stock up on dorm room … [Read More]


Dorm Room Closet Storage Options

Finding ways to maximize the use of your living quarters’ limited space can prove to be quite a challenging. It may become all too tempting to simply stack random goods on top of one another, which can ultimately lead to ugly messes. Luckily, there are plenty … [Read More]


Cleaning the Shower Curtain in a Dorm Room

If you live in a college dorm, you may be familiar with the not-so-joyful experience of sharing a shower with your roommates and/or neighbors in your hallway.  The potential problem that surrounds this set up is the maintenance of the bathrooms and showers, … [Read More]