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Staying Comfortable and Cozy in College Dorm Rooms

Living in a dorm is great, right? It can be pretty cozy when the temperatures outside are ideal and you have the most comfortable dorm bedding, but you might find that dealing with the winter semester or adversely, summer classes, can mean a serious change of temperature in the room. Sometimes the room temperature control on campus isn’t ideal. There’s plenty of ways to keep … [Read More]

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How to Prep for the First Day of College Classes

The first day of classes is right around the corner! If you haven’t started thinking about how to be prepared, now is the time. There’s plenty to be done that can get you ready and make you feel more confident on the first day. Have Your Supplies … [Read More]


What and How to Pack for College Dorms

Packing for your first year at college may feel like a daunting task.  How could you possibly be expected to pack your whole life in just a few suitcases? Gathering your most needed possessions, buying new dorm room essentials, and then packing it all up – it … [Read More]