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Fun Fourth of July Party Ideas

July is here, and it’s time to declare your independence! By celebrating the Fourth of July with a festive and unique party, you can have an event that is more than fireworks and barbecues. These ideas will get your party started with a touch of creativity and a little red, white, and blue. 1.   Sparkler Photo Booths Photo booths are all the rage at major parties. Put … [Read More]

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Three Ways to Create a Patriotic Dorm Room

The stars and stripes have never looked as good as they do in your dorm room! Display your red, white, and blue in a room fit for a true American. By working with classic Americana vintage and going full on patriotic, you can create a space that shows your … [Read More]


Must Haves For Every Dorm Room

Through the past two years that I’ve spent living in dorm rooms, I’ve gained the ability to look at the pile of stuff that accumulates in that last summer's week of packing, and make a distinction: what I’ll actually use through the year, and what will sit in … [Read More]