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Benefits of Living on a Rural College Campus

When deciding which college is a perfect match for you, make sure you consider your potential new environment. While some may thrive living in the big city or relaxing in the suburbs, others need wide-open spaces and the smaller community living of a rural college campus. The following benefits may be the reason why you should spend your time studying in the heart of the … [Read More]

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Benefits of Living on an Urban College Campus

If you love fashion, art, shopping, and exploring, an urban college campus may be the one for you. With so much to see and do, the bustling streets of a city will satisfy your craving for exploration! Even though there will be tons of fun, there is also the … [Read More]


Top 7 Shoe Trends for Summer 2015

Is your wardrobe in need of a seasonal upgrade? Change up your look with the item that brings your outfit together – the shoes! Summer 2015 footwear is ready to rock your world with throwback styles and a mix of playful and classic designs. 1.   … [Read More]


Textbooks 101 for College Classes

Outside of tuition and living costs, there is one expense no student wants to think about - textbook costs. And when it comes to textbooks, there is much more to know other than where the campus bookstore is located and what you will need for each class. … [Read More]