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Managing the Crazy Life of a Student Athlete

Even if you have experience with an athlete’s life in high school, the changes to this lifestyle in college can be off-putting. Suddenly you find you’re busy every day, with back to back schedules between practice and class. And forget even adding social time to your week! It can be exhausting, but less so if you are prepared for it. It’s a full time job in itself, so you need … [Read More]

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What and How to Pack for College Dorms

Packing for your first year at college may feel like a daunting task.  How could you possibly be expected to pack your whole life in just a few suitcases? Gathering your most needed possessions, buying new dorm room essentials, and then packing it all up – it … [Read More]


Dorm Décor Inspired by TV’s New Girl

Wondering how to decorate your dorm room this upcoming semester?  Why not look to your favorite TV show for some décor inspiration.  The Fox network’s New Girl is a story about a girl who begins living with a group of men after going through a tragic breakup … [Read More]