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Homesickness at College

Curing Homesickness While Away at College

Let’s be honest -- your first night away from home and in your dorm or apartment may not be as exciting as you dreamt it to be. Instead of making friends, you may find yourself a bit sad or even downright depressed. Don’t worry. It’s totally normal to want to call home or video chat with your mom (or favorite pet). Homesickness comes with the territory of being a student away … [Read More]

Back to School Fashion

Back-to-School Style Guide

It’s time to throw away those cargo shorts and hide away the ratty t-shirts you’ve been lounging in all summer. Back-to-school shopping is FINALLY here, and that … [Read More]

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meeting your college roommate

Getting to Know Your New College Roommate

One of the scariest parts of going off to college or living in the dorms for the first time is getting your roommate assignment. For the next school year, you’ll share a space, sleep next to, and most likely hang out with a person you barely know. That can be … [Read More]