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Help! I have Senioritis: 4 Ways to Get Your Semester Back

It’s your last year as a “student”, and your last semester stuck in classes. It’s time to celebrate! A new adventure lies ahead, and you are probably more than ready to get it started. There’s a name for being so focused on what comes next that you lose sight of what is going on during your last year of college: Senioritis. Symptoms include losing interest in clubs or … [Read More]

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10 Tech Tools Every College Kid Needs

Slow-running computers with bulky headphones and outdated programs are not going to help you succeed. Having the right kind of technology on your side can make or break you - especially during your first year of college. Whether it’s from making life in the … [Read More]


6 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips for College Students

Dry, cracking skin can get anyone down and feeling self-conscious. But going through the winter months dealing with uncomfortable or ugly skin doesn’t have to be an option. Increasing your moisturizer, taking care of your body, and trying some innovative ideas … [Read More]


6 Date Ideas for On-Campus Couples

As a college student, romance may be hard to come by. But for on-campus couples, all it takes to plan an amazing date on or off campus is a little creativity. Here’s just six of our favorite date ideas sure to please any on-campus couple. A Little … [Read More]