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Making a Bold Impression – Dressing and Decorating with Neon

Need an easy way to make a subtle, yet bold, statement in your dorm room decorations and wardrobe?  One of the most popular trends currently is to lace bold neon colors throughout your personal style of décor and clothing.  Incorporating a “pop” element to your daily aesthetic is a great way to infuse a modern and fashionable detail into something classic.  However, the key to … [Read More]

Drop Your Debt

Drop Your Debt in 5 Years!

    What student doesn't worry about paying off their student loans? With tuition rates rising every year and the beginning of loan paybacks rapidly … [Read More]


How to Wear Overalls in 2014

Chances are there is a childhood photo of you that exists where you are wearing a pair of jean, velvet, or floral overalls.  While back then they were probably … [Read More]

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Hollywood Single Starlets that Inspire Us

With so many celebrity power couples constantly stealing the spotlight (i.e. Jay Z and Beyonce, Brangelina, and Eva and Ryan) we seem to forget about all those who are flying solo.  Yes, those fabulous single ladies who do what they want and when they want … [Read More]


4 Ways to Be Productive This Summer

Now that the World Cup is over, you don’t have to keep up with winning and losing brackets and suddenly your lunch breaks at work are back to their normal boring selves. How will you spend all of your suddenly abundant free time? 1. Update LinkedIn- Make sure … [Read More]


Create a Cute and Organized Desk Area in Your Dorm

To a college student, their dorm room desk serves many purposes.  It’s a place to do homework, mindlessly surf the web, eat dinner, put on makeup -- the list goes on and on.  So, with so much time being spent in one versatile area, functionality, organization, … [Read More]