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4 Ways to Be Productive This Summer

Now that the World Cup is over, you don’t have to keep up with winning and losing brackets and suddenly your lunch breaks at work are back to their normal boring selves. How will you spend all of your suddenly abundant free time? 1. Update LinkedIn- Make sure your resume, jobs, schooling, and connections are up to date. This will be a huge boost to your visibility on a network … [Read More]

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Creating a Spa Experience in Your Dorm

College can be stressful.  Between homework assignments, papers, exams, extra curricular activities, and your social life, sometimes it can all feel too overwhelming.  While almost every college student experiences these same feelings, those who control their … [Read More]


5 Reasons to Become an RA After Freshman Year

After making it through your first year of college, you are soon faced with the choice of either staying on or moving off campus.  While this can be a stressful decision to make, one option that may be a great fit is to become an RA.  Being a dorm floor’s RA … [Read More]