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Ocean Inspired Dorm Decor

Why wait until spring break to hit the beach? When midterms and cold weather have you feeling blue, give your mood a boost with a beach themed dorm room!  Incorporating ocean inspired dorm decor into your room can help give you a mini vacation from lecture halls and chemistry labs, while sprucing up the sometimes dreary white walls of a dorm room. Below are our top tips for … [Read More]

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Tokyo & Japanese Inspired Dorm Decor

Looking for calming and chic theme for your dorm? Well, if you love the Tokyo inspired, Harajuku girl style, consider transforming your dorm into a Japanese paradise. Take a look at these Tokyo inspired decorations and try some of them in your dorm … [Read More]


What Every College Student Should Know About Snapchat

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Snapchat is a photo sharing app. It allows you to send 1-10 second pictures or videos to your friends. Once received, you get to view the picture/video message for a brief period of time, and then it goes away for … [Read More]


Celebrity Inspired Winter Weather Fashion

Brrrrrrr, it’s getting cold outside. You know what that means-- time to pack away all the shorts and bikinis. (Moment of silence for the flip flops.) We do what we must to stay warm in these cold months. Inside, it means adding another extra-long comforter to … [Read More]