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Three Ways to Create a Patriotic Dorm Room

The stars and stripes have never looked as good as they do in your dorm room! Display your red, white, and blue in a room fit for a true American. By working with classic Americana vintage and going full on patriotic, you can create a space that shows your pride in everything U.S.A. 1.   50 Stars Star patterns have long been favorites of college students. The look is … [Read More]


Must Haves For Every Dorm Room

Through the past two years that I’ve spent living in dorm rooms, I’ve gained the ability to look at the pile of stuff that accumulates in that last summer's week of … [Read More]

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5 Music Concert Tips and Tricks

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How to Prepare for Freshman Orientation in College

As you ramp up to start the next four years of your life, becoming acquainted with your new environment is important! Freshman orientation is a time for you to become familiar with the sights and sounds of your new home. You can look forward to tons of helpful … [Read More]


Four Steps to Pack a Perfect Summer Picnic

Lunches at the table or around the television are a drag, especially when the weather outside is lovely. Don’t waste a meal cooped up inside when you can host a picnic for your family and friends. Before you grab that basket or map out a route to your favorite … [Read More]