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Make a DIY Cork Board for Your Dorm

The bland tans and browns of cork boards can be particularly uninspiring. If you're not interested in purchasing a decorative pin board, then read on and learn how to make your own! Creating a stylish, yet functional cork board is easy with a little creativity and DIY spirit. What You Will Need: Frame Roll of cork material Pencil Super … [Read More]


How to Clean a Dorm Rug

Unlike in your parent’s living room, a dorm rug is stepped on, eaten on, and studied on. When an item like this is used so frequently, it runs the risk of being … [Read More]

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7 Tips for Avoiding Back Problems

For most college students who spend their days hunched over a desk and lugging heavy book bags on long walks to class, backaches become a pretty regular occurrence. However, the good news is that suffering from back problems doesn’t have to be a part of your … [Read More]


Taking Care of Your Skin in the Winter

One of the worst parts of winter is having to take care of dry skin. Chapped, itchy, peeling, and red skin are all signs that your body is fighting hard against the elements. Luckily, there are solutions to keep your exterior looking as fresh as it did in the … [Read More]


Pros & Cons of Bunking Dorm Beds

Finding the right configuration for your dorm room can be a pretty tricky task. With a lot of options and not much room to work, many college students go with the seemingly simplest route and opt for the standard layout of two beds laying across from one … [Read More]