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LinkedIn Tips for College Students

Not all social media sites are about status updates and sharing funny videos. LinkedIn bridges the gap between your social networking appearance and your professional life. If you’re ready to take the plunge and join, hook up those laptop accessories and follow these steps to ensure your LinkedIn experience lands you the right attention. 1.   Connect wisely Some believe … [Read More]


8 Ways to Wear Crazy Socks

Some people cherish their jewelry collection while others covet their shoes. But for many college students, it’s all about the crazy socks. Patterned, funky, … [Read More]

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The Five Best Massages You Can Give Yourself

From classes and homework to activities and relationships, college can pack on the stress pretty quickly. Stress is a leading cause of insomnia, weight gain, and depression, especially when we don’t deal with it. Instead of keeping it all inside, treat … [Read More]


Dealing with Different Sleep Schedules

Moving into a dorm or an apartment with someone can be simultaneously exciting and scary. Though you might be eager to share friendship and camaraderie with this new person (or an established friend), you should also be aware that living with a roommate comes … [Read More]


Beat Winter Blues

Bitter cold, short days, and limited sunshine can make the winter months dreary. For some college students, however, the winter may mean more than just packing some sweaters or remembering to grab a scarf—the change in seasons may be a time when the winter … [Read More]