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Six Spring Cleaning Tips for Dorm Rooms

Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising, and birds are starting to return. That can only mean one thing: Spring is here! The return of beautiful weather and longer days provides the perfect opportunity to get a bit of spring cleaning underway. If your dorm room has seen better days, set aside a time to team up with your roommate to tackle the mess together by using these … [Read More]

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Five Different Types of Diploma Frames

Springtime heralds the approach of finals and the end of school, but most seniors have just one thing on their minds: commencement! Graduation may only be a few weeks away, and you’re undoubtedly feeling all the excitement and anticipation of beginning a new … [Read More]


5 Dorm Room Storage Tips for Winter Clothes

With the temperature outside heating up and the sun getting brighter, it’s time to tuck away those sweaters and store your snow boots. If your closet and storage space is limited, which in dorm rooms is often the case, storing your winter clothing can be a big … [Read More]


Best Wall Organizers for Your Dorm Room

Staying on top of your organization is always important—but never more so than in the dorm.  The tiny space afforded provides little opportunity to stretch out and certainly discourages a cluttered living area. One great way to keep your room neat and livable … [Read More]