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Walk on the Wild Side: Using Animal Prints in Your Dorm Decor

Animal prints seem to never fully go out of style, but they are definitely making the rounds again this fall. So now would be the perfect time to incorporate them into your dorm room decor! Don’t let the idea of leopard print make you think of your grandmother; there are plenty of ways to add stripes and spots without looking tacky. Find out how you can invigorate your dorm … [Read More]


DIY Dorm Decor Part 2

There’s probably no need to tell you that your college dorm room is the perfect place to display your personality and creativity.  While we all know funds are … [Read More]

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Think Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October brings many celebrations and events. Immediately most think of Halloween, however October is Breast Cancer Awareness month or as some say,"Pinktober." The infamous color pink along with the breast cancer symbol, the pink ribbon will be … [Read More]


8 Nail Colors to Try This Fall

With summer passing, along goes nail shades of bright pinks and teals which can be stowed away until sunshine hits again. Below are some fall go to tones, and dashing colors to get yourself hip for a chic manicure season. Purple: Ruby, jewel tone shades are … [Read More]


The Benefits of Having an Undecided & Undeclared Major

Some of your friends may know what they want to study and where they want their career to take them after college and you’ve only just started. It might make you feel like people are ahead of you, but having an undeclared major can be a great thing. It affords … [Read More]