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Cute and Comfortable Seating in Your Dorm Room

Finding a place to sit can be, well, tough in your dorm room. Especially when you’ve got textbooks everywhere and not a lot of space! But with the seating and chairs for college dorms, you can find ways to make the most of small dimensions and still have plenty of space for even a friend or two to come join you. Beanbag Chairs Is there anything more college than a bean bag … [Read More]

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How to Make Your Dorm Feel More At Home

Being miles away from home can be both invigorating and nerve racking. The time to move out, which probably seemed as if it wouldn’t come soon enough, has arrived and passed. Feelings of nostalgia may slip in, but remind yourself that your new dorm can still … [Read More]


Staying Comfortable and Cozy in College Dorm Rooms

Living in a dorm is great, right? It can be pretty cozy when the temperatures outside are ideal and you have the most comfortable dorm bedding, but you might find that dealing with the winter semester or adversely, summer classes, can mean a serious change of … [Read More]


Managing the Crazy Life of a Student Athlete

Even if you have experience with an athlete’s life in high school, the changes to this lifestyle in college can be off-putting. Suddenly you find you’re busy every day, with back to back schedules between practice and class. And forget even adding social time … [Read More]