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Gift Ideas for Your Sorority Big or Little

For many sororities, the Big and Little Sister program is an essential part of membership. Never heard of it? Essentially, a big sister is there to provide guidance and support to her younger counterpart. It’s often a relationship that lasts a lifetime. One of the hallmarks of this sisterhood is giving and receiving special Greek gifts that define your relationship and set your … [Read More]

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How to Clean a Dorm Rug

Unlike in your parent’s living room, a dorm rug is stepped on, eaten on, and studied on. When an item like this is used so frequently, it runs the risk of being ruined by things like spills, stains, dirt and grime. However, cleaning a dorm room rug doesn't … [Read More]


Dorm Room Decor for the Minimalist

Living in a cramped or crowded dorm room can feel claustrophobic at times-- especially with all the clothing, gear, and school supplies. That is why many dorm dwellers are embracing minimalism. Minimalism is an artistic and lifestyle movement that believes in … [Read More]


7 Tips for Avoiding Back Problems

For most college students who spend their days hunched over a desk and lugging heavy book bags on long walks to class, backaches become a pretty regular occurrence. However, the good news is that suffering from back problems doesn’t have to be a part of your … [Read More]