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6 Ways to Become a Morning Exerciser

Did you know that working out in the morning could mean better sleep at night, more relaxation during the day, and increased energy in the afternoon? It’s no wonder research shows that morning exercising can pay off big. Here are a few quick and easy ways to go from digging your sunset workout to being the bright and early morning exerciser. 1.   Start Slow The number one … [Read More]

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Holiday Style Guide for Collegiates

Hello Our Campus Market readers! My name is Cara and I write a blog called Caralina Style. I'm so excited to be a new guest blogger for OCM! For my first post I will be bringing you a holiday style guide! All photos from my Instagram! I LOVE the holidays, my … [Read More]

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Easy Formal Event Outfit for Collegiates

With winter right around the corner that means colder nights and the last social events of the semester. Here at the University of Illinois, winter means countless date events and semi-formals. And, if you’re like me and you’ve got a formal event right … [Read More]