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How to Make Your Dorm Room Game Day Ready

No matter what your “game day” definition is, whether it is football, baseball, basketball or even badminton, getting your room ready for the big game can be a lot of fun. It’s a must if you plan on having friends over to watch a professional game and a great motivator if you are rooting for your school’s home team. Get Decorations Decorations of course are key here! Get … [Read More]

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The Benefits of Having an Undecided & Undeclared Major

Some of your friends may know what they want to study and where they want their career to take them after college and you’ve only just started. It might make you feel like people are ahead of you, but having an undeclared major can be a great thing. It affords … [Read More]

Ray Frazer, friend and colleague at OCM, leading a brave fight against Leukemia.

No Greater Gift than Care of a Friend

October is a month of changes; leaves fall, temperatures shift, sports seasons begin and end. It is also inevitable that in this month, many face changes in their lives that are much more challenging, changes to their health and their lifestyle. One thing … [Read More]

underbed storage

Out of Sight Dorm Storage

Storage that you can put aside is essential for staying organized in space that is shared between two people. Keeping your room tidy can become a slight hassle due to the amount of clothes thrown around just to find something suitable to wear to … [Read More]